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Passion Won’t Make You Feel Lonely in Life, Not Marriage!

Passion Won’t Make You Feel Lonely in LifeLoneliness is a matter of point of view, it doesn’t matter whether you have a spouse or not, if you can fill your life with happiness everyday you will never feel lonely. The best way to get rid of loneliness is by having a passion. You should be interested in some subject or career, so when there is no one left to fall back on, you will still have passion to reach so you will keep going on and moving forward. When you wake up everyday, the only thing you should think about is how you can reach your goal, not why you are single and you feel lonely.

You should know that lots of married people out there are feeling lonely because they are not married with the right person, or simply because they don’t want to work on their marriage’s happiness. When you are having a spouse, it doesn’t mean that you are having fun in life. Happiness in marriage takes sacrifice, two people should have understanding and they shouldn’t expect only one side to make them happy. If you want to be happy, make your spouse happy too. And again, marriage is not the key not to feel lonely in this life, but passion is.

Date Ideas for Married Couples

Marriage will take over your mind, but unfortunately it’s not the romance between you and your spouse that will make you spend time the most, but it’s more like financial problems and the children control that you will get dizzy from. Due to the tension and the pressure in marriage life, you often have no time to think about you and your spouse’s fun. You will only start thinking about it when you have a really long holiday, but that won’t make good holiday plan since during the holiday you will also feel something weird since you haven’t spent special time with your spouse for a really long time.

Before getting married, you will consider yourself going on a date if you go out with your boyfriend or girlfriend. After you marry them, you will always be with them so you won’t think that being with them is as special as going on a date. That’s the basic mindset that you should change soon. You have to consider that it’s always a special moment whenever you’re with your spouse because it’s just difficult to find the time together only for you two.

There are many date ideas for married couples that you can practice with your spouse. Some of them only need low budget so you can still save the money for other needs. Start from going to a walk on a park near house, going on town to visit some public places, or just do things together at home as you two watch your kids playing around. It is almost impossible not to get interrupted by your little children when you go on date with your spouse, that’s why you should also consider bringing your children when you’re going on a date with your spouse. There’s nothing wrong with bringing your children on your date with your spouse since they are also part from you two.

Creative Dates for You and Your Spouse That You Can Apply

When you are married, there is not much leisure time you can spend anymore with your partner since you have to think about other thing that will improve your household’s living. It’s even harder to find time alone when you and your spouse are surrounded by your children. But who says you can’t have fun with your spouse like you do before getting married? Going on a date will always be beautiful moment where you will spend time with your partner but when you’re married, dating is not only about going to cinema, going to music concert, hanging out to a café or park, or something like that.

There are many creative dates for you and your spouse that you can do. No matter how busy and how much your work assignments are, if you have the initiation to spare some time, you can finally give a quality time you can spend with your spouse. Since marriage is unlike the older time when you’re still free to have fun with your partner, you may consider some tips below for a date with your spouse.

  1. Prepare Meal
    It’s not about the hunger or how fast the meal can be prepared. While you cook with your spouse, it can increase the love between you two. If one of you and your spouse can’t cook, it’s not something to be argued about because it’s a date not cooking contest.
  2. Do Gardening
    Have some spaces on your lawn or on your backyard? Why don’t you think about plant any tree on it? Gardening will be an entertaining moment, especially when you’re doing it with your spouse. You can just tend some plants inside a pot if you don’t have the area to plant it outside.
  3. Make Handmade Craft
    You may think that it’s wasting time but actually this simple thing can stimulate your brain to become more creative. Drag your partner to the living room and start creating the craft together.

Also check this video out, it contains more creative ideas for your dates:

The Tao of Badass – Secret Methods to Attraction

No More Mistakes in Attracting the Girls

Have you ever experienced something like this before? Assume that you are going to a bar nearby where you live and you find a cute girl on the corner and she is alone. You really have a crush on her and you want to get to know her better. Of course, what’s in your mind is about how to make her become your lover. But, when you have done the approach, you don’t seem to be that attractive to her. Instead of talking to you more, she chooses to go away. What a humiliation indeed.

Well, such situation happens to many men and, in one way or another, it hurts their pride. Do not ever let such situation happens to you anymore and you need to have the help from The Tao of Badass.

Avoid the Mistakes!

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Secret Methods to Attraction

As if it is not enough for you, you can also find how The Tao of Badass will also make you learn a lot of great and definitely-working tricks to make you become the center of attention whenever you are trying to entangle certain girl. Yes, all of those miseries and the disappointments have found their end. Make sure you learn all of the things provided by this awesome book and it will not be so hard for you to find your date.


How To Deal With Loneliness

Are you someone who doesn’t really love being surrounded by lots of people? Or are you probably have a low self-esteem and it will be easier for you to do things on your own? Whatever we are like, friendly, unfriendly, lovely, or not, there will be some points in our life when we feel lonely and how hard we try to get out of it, we just can’t deny it.

Since humans are social creature but loneliness is irresistible, you should learn how to deal with loneliness to keep you go through the day even if you have someone by yourself.

  1. Always Have The Faith in Yourself
    People may seem to be stronger than you but actually they are just as clueless as you. Keep feeling hugged because you will become a cheerful person that will inspire others once you get through the loneliness period.
  2. Brighten Up Other’s Day
    When you feel really down, just go to someone who is less lucky compared to you. Cheering up people who feel down and share happiness with the unfortunate not only will make you forget your own problem, but it can also brighten up their day.
  3. Build Personality
    The best way to build personality is actually when you’re alone. You can do lots of things to improve your skill and knowledge without other’s disturbance when you’re alone so never let yourself feeling lonely when you’re alone.

Secrets To Strengthen Your Long-term Relationship

You may be wondering how some couples can have a relationship for years. You may also question how parents will grow old together until the end of their life, but actually what’s the secret between their long lasting relationships? You may also seek for the secret to strengthen your long-term relationship so you won’t break the commitment you have been maintaining with your partner.

There must be some obstacles on your relationship that you should handle to keep the one you love to stay by your side. It’s easier to start a new relationship because you will most likely not know a lot about your partner so you still have to dig out their hidden traits. But when you already in committed, long-term relationship like marriage, you will have to be more creative to keep the love between you and your partner strong.

The main problem in a long-term relationship is actually when someone think they already know everything about their partner so they will start paying less attention. This will create a gap between you and your partner because you won’t talk to your partner as much as you do before. The key in a long-term relationship is always giving attention to your partner and always try to find a way to refresh your dull relationship.

Simple Romantic Tips for Couples

Feeling dull for being in a long-term relationship but your love life with your partner hasn’t improved? Well, you should look up for romantic tips for couples before you lose your feeling towards your partner. Actually, the famous quote saying that maintaining a relationship is harder than starting it is right. When you first start a relationship, you will expect many sweet things to happen between you and your partner but you won’t get anywhere if you two don’t have the initiation to do the improvement.

If you want to bring your love life to the same stage when you first fall in love with your partner, you should follow these tips:

  1. Show your partner that you love them and you can only improve your romantic relationship if you both are trying, not only one of you.
  2. Don’t stop giving affection once you’ve got his or her heart. Some people will sometimes tend to stop trying to do things they do to reach their partner’s heart when they can finally reach it.
  3. It will be easier if you and your partner have one thing or more in common. If you don’t, you can still create a dream with your partner that you two want to make the dream come true together.

Many Things You Should Know About Courtship

Before entering the new stage of a couple’s life which is called married, some people will do a courtship to strengthen the relation between two families and also to endure the couple’s relationship. In a courtship the male is usually more active on trying to attract the female, he will try to convince the female that he is the right choice and he might as well try to seduce her parents so they will give allowance.

There are many other things you should know about courtship than some things mentioned above. During a courtship, the two families will usually create a decision about the next agreement, like engagement or wedding. In the courtship, the female’s side will also decide what gift the male should give to her as the courtship gift. There is also unique story in a matrilineal culture that the female have to give the male a courtship gift instead.

A courtship is traditional process before a marriage. This tradition has existed since the ancient years before Christ. Even if it’s a tradition, it has also changed since nowadays we can find homosexual couples who do courtship to strengthen their marriage plan just like the usual love birds.