Creative Dates for You and Your Spouse That You Can Apply

When you are married, there is not much leisure time you can spend anymore with your partner since you have to think about other thing that will improve your household’s living. It’s even harder to find time alone when you and your spouse are surrounded by your children. But who says you can’t have fun with your spouse like you do before getting married? Going on a date will always be beautiful moment where you will spend time with your partner but when you’re married, dating is not only about going to cinema, going to music concert, hanging out to a café or park, or something like that.

There are many creative dates for you and your spouse that you can do. No matter how busy and how much your work assignments are, if you have the initiation to spare some time, you can finally give a quality time you can spend with your spouse. Since marriage is unlike the older time when you’re still free to have fun with your partner, you may consider some tips below for a date with your spouse.

  1. Prepare Meal
    It’s not about the hunger or how fast the meal can be prepared. While you cook with your spouse, it can increase the love between you two. If one of you and your spouse can’t cook, it’s not something to be argued about because it’s a date not cooking contest.
  2. Do Gardening
    Have some spaces on your lawn or on your backyard? Why don’t you think about plant any tree on it? Gardening will be an entertaining moment, especially when you’re doing it with your spouse. You can just tend some plants inside a pot if you don’t have the area to plant it outside.
  3. Make Handmade Craft
    You may think that it’s wasting time but actually this simple thing can stimulate your brain to become more creative. Drag your partner to the living room and start creating the craft together.

Also check this video out, it contains more creative ideas for your dates:

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