Many Things You Should Know About Courtship

Before entering the new stage of a couple’s life which is called married, some people will do a courtship to strengthen the relation between two families and also to endure the couple’s relationship. In a courtship the male is usually more active on trying to attract the female, he will try to convince the female that he is the right choice and he might as well try to seduce her parents so they will give allowance.

There are many other things you should know about courtship than some things mentioned above. During a courtship, the two families will usually create a decision about the next agreement, like engagement or wedding. In the courtship, the female’s side will also decide what gift the male should give to her as the courtship gift. There is also unique story in a matrilineal culture that the female have to give the male a courtship gift instead.

A courtship is traditional process before a marriage. This tradition has existed since the ancient years before Christ. Even if it’s a tradition, it has also changed since nowadays we can find homosexual couples who do courtship to strengthen their marriage plan just like the usual love birds.

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